Milkweed Watch 2018 was inspired by the Monarch Waystation Program started by Monarch Watch in 2005. "Everyone had their focus on the Monarchs," says Judith Bullock, owner of Grand Canyon Milkweeds. "There are now over 5,000 certified Monarch Waystations, but few people have been watching milkweed populations. Some milkweed species that were once common are now disappearing along with the Monarchs. While observing and tagging contribute to Monarch conservation, it is clear that to save the Monarchs, we need to save the milkweeds they depend on. We need to think on a grander scale and we need to look ahead, to anticipate changes in population, agriculture, and climate. But most of all, we need the observations, records, and information from citizen-scientists who have fingers in the dirt and garden clogs on the ground, people who plant milkweed seeds, grow milkweed tubers, and maintain milkweed plants on a day to day basis. These people are the real conservation heroes who are bringing back the Monarchs."